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Garage Flooring In Raleigh NC

Commercial Epoxy Floor Benefits

Epoxy flooring Raleigh systems are ideal for bars, restaurants, bakeries, delis, showrooms, and retail spaces. They provide an ease of maintenance, durability, and longevity that is unmatched by traditional floor coatings.

Durable Garage Floor Coating


Epoxy cures to a hard and thick finish that bonds with the concrete underneath it. This acts as a bandage that protects your concrete floor, from damages such as impacts, surface abrasion, lifting, peeling, and tire marking.

Seals and Protects Concrete


Your Raleigh mechanic shop floor can be filled with cracks, but with the help of epoxy flooring, they can easily be filled and eliminated. Epoxy will not only strengthen your floor to resist heavy cars or foot traffic, but will also protect it from further damage from heavy equipment like gym equipment or work tools.

UV Stable Concrete Coating


Our topcoats are 100% UV stable, preventing discoloration and yellowing from direct sunlight. Our basecoats resist moisture and form a waterproof barrier, keeping your new floor from lifting or peeling.

Easy To Clean Concrete Flooring


Easy to clean and maintain floors, mean less time spend cleaning and more time focusing on the important things. Epoxy cures to a non-porous seamless surface, that does not trap dirt, bacteria, stains or grime, creating a hypoallergenic floor for your customers and staff.

Easy To Clean Concrete Flooring

optional ANTI-SLIP

Provide your customers and employees with a safe working environment, by providing them with a safe floor to walk on. Adding an anti-slip agent to the final coat of your epoxy will minimize the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Decorative concrete coatings


The floors in your shop are the first thing your customers see. They can make our break any space. Why not WOW your customers with a durable decorative flooring, that truly represents your business. View color chart.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Raleigh NC

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