Concrete floors raleigh

Protect your concrete slabs with durable yet decorative polished concrete, concrete stain or concrete sealing

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Polished Concrete Floors Raleigh NC

Benefits of Polished Concrete Raleigh Floors

Polished concrete floors can bring a wealth of benefits for your Burlington home or Chapel Hill commercial and industrial property.

Durable Garage Floor Coating


We use concrete hardeners when polishing your concrete. This makes your concrete more durable, long-lasting, and less vulnerable to damage. It also prevents concrete dusting and polished concrete flooring systems can last up to 20 years with little maintenance.

Seals and Protects Concrete

concrete dusting

Unpolished concrete is usually porous, which results in concrete dusting when there is wear and tear. The dusting is essentially the concrete material breaking down in fine powder, which can be seen building up in cracks, seams, and dents. The dust is not only a nuisance and a health hazard, but can also affect the performance of delicate equipment and manufactured goods. Polishing your floors greatly reduces dusting and wear and tear.

Budget Friendly Flooring

cost saving

Using the concrete slab as your finished floor is more cost-saving than traditional flooring options. You don't require any floor covering materials, which reduces your maintenance cost substantially.

Easy To Clean Concrete Flooring


With its smooth and glass like surface, dirt, dust, and other allergens cannot penetrate the floor surface. This makes polished concrete extremely easy to clean, requiring only a damp mop and a mild detergent, with occasional floor buffing for extra shine. Polished concrete is one of the few hypoallergenic floor options on Raleigh's floor market.

Reflective Flooring

Improves light reflectivity

With its light reflective properties, decorative polished concrete can increase lighting in any environment. Improved ambient lighting can lower energy consumption, improve safety, and enhance the appearance of your facility. Polished concrete is the floor to choose if you want to present a bright, clean, and professional look in your workplace, restaurant, hotel, shop, or house.

Decorative concrete coatings


With the smooth, reflective surface of decorative polished concrete, you can choose the level of rocks exposed, the level of sheen (from satin to high-gloss), and even a ray of different colors.Stains and dyes are the most popular application for enhancing already existing polished concrete.

Grind And Seal Concrete Raleigh NC
Grind And Seal Concrete Flooring

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